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Any gamers or ex-gamers out there?

Character Class: Overnight Awake Counselor

Note: This is a typical / generic character sheet, characters will vary depending on player preferences.

Name: Edwin A. Newbetter
Race: Human - Mestizo - American
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sex: Male Height: 5' 9" Weight: 260 lbs.
Age: 27 Level: 8*

Quote: "Have a good shift."


Note: Stats are based on a scale of 1 to 24, with 24 being maximum human potential, 9 to 11 being universal human average, and 16 being exceptional. Typical stats are given as well as stat guidelines.

Intelligence: 13 (Minimum requirement for class: 11)
Willpower: 18 (Minimum requirement for class: 12)
Charm: 17 (Minimum requirement for class: 9)

Strength: 14 (Minimum requirement for class: 10)
Agility: 10 (Minimum requirement for class: 7)
Constitution: 17 (Minimum requirement for class: 13)
Speed: 9 (Minimum requirement for class: 9)
Appearance: 10 (Minimum requirement for class: 10)

Chi: 15 (Minimum requirement for class: none)
Luck: 21 (Minimum requirement for class: none, though, higher is preferrable)
Awareness: 18 (Minimum requirement for class: 13)

Skills Note: This is an average selection and rating of skills and skill levels appropriate for this level and class. Skills range from 0% to 98%; 98% being the maxium human potential because there is always room for error.

Class Skills: (skills that are given with character class)
Speak: English: 95% (-3% modifier applied due to inclusion of Speak: Ghetto Slang)
Read / Write: English: 85%
Theraputic Intervention: 60%
Prowl: 60%
Operate: Flashlight: 98%
Operate: Heater / Air conditioner: 54%
Charting: 60%
Walkthrough / Rounds: 78%
Interpret sounds: 57%

Stay awake (figure this by adding Constitution and Willpower, then multiply by 2): 70%
Stay Alert (figure this by adding Awareness and Constitution, then multiply by 2): 70%

Hand-to-Hand: P.A.R.T. (see combat section)

Primary Skills (skills that are chosen to compliment Class Skills)
Brew strong assed coffee: 88%
Operate: Computer: 62%
Remember to bring pen: 90%
Theraputic theory: 83%
Recognize Bullshit: 85%
Apply policy: 63%
Make it to staff meetings: 42%
Fight boredom: 79%
De-escalate clients: 68%
Drink Alcohol: 65%
Operate Mehcanical restraints: 71%

Secondary Skills (skills that are natural to character irrelevant of class, though could be helpful)
Cook: 71%
Housekeeping: 60%
Operate: Phone: 90%
Operate: Fax: 32%
Operate: Copying machine: 41%
Organize: 66%
Keep Busy: 73%
Speak: Spanish: 35%
Read / Write: Spanish: 22%
Speak: Common Ghetto Slang: 81%
Draw: 89%
Code HTML: 60%

Weapon Profeciency: Knuckle Dusters
Weapon Profeciency: Mag Light

Hand-to-Hand: Rusty Martial Arts (See combat section)


Combat Section

Primary Combat: P.A.R.T. (Patient Assault Response Training)
Avoid getting hit / kicked: 23%
Look silly while doing avoiding getting hit / kicked: 70%
Contain limb: 77%
Hold limb securely: 77%
Keep Composure: 58%
Recognize Antecedants: 75%
Escape from holds: 56%
Minimize Bite damage: 18%
Keep client safe in containment: 90%

-Techniques: Jump out of way, Single person containment, two person contianment, four person containment, wall containment, prone containment, single person escort, two person escort, basket hold, sitting basket hold, pin, speak calmly, swap-out

Secondary Combat: Rusty Martial Arts (Not for use with clients!!!)
Punch: 64%
Kick: 60%
Block: 43%
Dodge: 41%
Target joints / pressure points: 54%
Bite: 40%
Body flip / throw: 56%
Suddenly recall obscure martial arts technique: 57%

-Techniques: Fight dirty, conceal weapon, intimidate, choke the shit out of, beat the fuck out of, deliver asswhupping, loose control, retaliate, excercise self-control/restraint (New!), Pull punch, obscure martial arts techniques



Money: $17.33, mostly ones


Ben Davis Shirt
Ben Davis Pants
Beanie Hat
Steel Toed Boots


Black pen
Digital Watch
Silver ring
Black marker

Special Items

Brass Knuckles (+8 to damage) - This item should be kept secret at work. This is for defense of home, in a worst case scenario, not be be used with clients.

Phone list - This item includes numbers needed during shift, including on-call administrator.

Time card - This is how your character gets paid. Don't fucking lose it.


*levels range from 1 to 15. This character's level is slightly higher than average for this age range
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