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Corporate Monkey

I manage the telecommunications for a small call center currently in two sites. The two sites combined have anywhere from fifty to five hundred representatives taking calls on anywhere from ten to thirty different projects. One site is in Voorhees, NJ and the other in Chesapeake, VA. I am based in Voorhees and travel about ten percent of the time. I occasionally work from the Philadelphia office as well.

The name of the department I work for is the Specialty Call Center. The company name is Towers Perrin. Towers Perrin is an international consulting firm of benefits and human resources. The company has another larger call center that deals with our permanent projects like ongoing benefits administration and new hire administration. Towers could be the benefits service center you call to change your health care coverage during your annual enrollment. Towers is a full outsourcing solution so all facets of HR administration including web sites, VRUs, service center and paper communications can be handled by us. The Specialty Call Center handles shorter term, quick turn around, or smaller scale projects for our clients. Usually the projects our clients don’t want to handle or need help with. Our representatives can handle issues regarding health care plan changes, workforce reductions, annual enrollments, early retirement offerings, Medicare, 401(k) plans, pension plans, merging benefit plans, employee data collection, meeting reservations, and so on. Typically our busy season is during normal enrollment periods at the end of the year but nowadays companies are tweaking their benefits packages year-round so we can be packed 365 days a year.

My main responsibilities are toll-free number routing and automatic call distributor (ACD) or phone switch programming. Our toll-free carrier is AT&T and I am certified in AT&T’s routing control software Route It! which allows me to change the destination or routing of a toll-free number in about five minutes. Our ACD is an Aspect switch and this is where most of the queue logic is programmed including queue music, prompting and queue announcements. When I first started over five years ago this logic was programmed using a green screen with a language similar to Basic but closer to programming games on the Commodore 64. Nowadays all the programming is done via GUI. I am also certified in Aspect programming. Other responsibilities include technical consulting, call flow design, new technology R&D, managing staff, metrics analysis (reporting), workforce management, billing, vendor management, ordering, call recording, hardware (headsets and phones) management and ACD scripting and recording; “Thank you for calling….Please hold for the next available representative.” Yes, I may be the voice you hear that annoys you when waiting for a representative. Our corporate telecom group takes care of trunking and switch/telecom equipment installs/upgrades. Most of our server administration is handled by our IT group.

The Specialty Call Center will also consult on how to build and manage call centers for our clients at their sites or other Towers Perrin offices. I have traveled to our Boston, NYC, Mississauga, Philadelphia, Chesapeake, Frankfurt, Chicago and Toronto offices. I have also traveled to Dallas, West Lafayette, Denver, Las Vegas, White Plains, Newark, and Washington D.C. for training and client visits. I spent 26 days in our Frankfurt, Germany office implementing a stock option call center for a large pharmaceutical company. Traveling has its perks, but I wouldn’t want to increase the amount I do now.

Day to day is pretty laid back in our department. But no matter what, I work for an American based corporation and sometimes I feel like a monkey.
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