The Son of Ron (schtune) wrote in its_what_i_do,
The Son of Ron

I've been poisoned with poppies.

Sing-a-long Wizard of Oz has done some very bad things, perhaps irreparable things, to my psyche. Even with the radio on I can still hear Scarecrow singing. All of the characters, actually. And all of the songs. Wish it would stop.

But the point is this; sometimes I really enjoy one aspect of my job. I know I wrote about liking that I feel that I am a hidden fixture in people's lives as a projectionist, but this is a little different.

One night recently I ran Wizard of Oz and Rebel Without a Cause back to back, and I got to thinking about how people must have received them when they came out - these iconic cinematic milestones. Especially Wizard: I picture old-timey people flocking to theaters in droves, talking excitedly about the spectacle while lining up to go in, then just sitting slack-jawed in awe of color on a movie theater screen. Then I think about them all being dead, almost to the last individual. They never thought of me, never considered me, never wondered how many years in the future would this movie be running, kept as true to the original as possible.

So now I think about that. Is there a parallel? Is the age of technological or cinematic wonders over or will there be a projectionist in seventy years running a film while thinking about the influence it had on cinema as well as its impact on society as a whole? Is that film something I've run in the past decade? To me was it just a "Holy shit, it's pretty busy here tonight" film? Was it even that?

Film preservation as a concept may fall away. I probably won't care about it; I'm not even sure I care now. But I might just be living in somebody's golden age of cinematic art, and I may just be somebody's relic.
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