Ultraviolet Thunder, Immortal Master of Eagles (counterfeitfake) wrote in its_what_i_do,
Ultraviolet Thunder, Immortal Master of Eagles


Today at work I got to walk out of my building with a laptop bag slung over my shoulder, holding a piece of equipment in my right hand that is worth more than my house, and another one just like it in my left hand. I got to drive for a half hour to an airfield. I got to stand awash in kerosene-flavored jet exhaust as our big airplane pulled away from the hangar. I got to hook up this unit that I've been programming for the last 6 months to a real live aircraft and make interrogations of other real live aircraft, interrogations of a type that Honeywell has never made before, and quite possibly NOBODY has ever made before. I got to watch as my code failed, curse at it, debug and rebuild on the fly, and then reload the unit and watch my code do what it was supposed to. I got to return home in triumph.

My job is fantastic.
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