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its_what_i_do's Journal

Stories From the Work Front
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Whatever your job is, you're most likely privy to things the general public isn't. Whether it's being able to walk through doors marked "Authorized Personnel Only", or knowing how sewage systems work, or what goes on at a TV station, or a projectionist's booth, or if McDonald's employees REALLY DO spit in our food when we're rude to them -- we want to hear it.

This isn't a community about bitching about your job/coworkers, though. (You may want to try thedailygrind). It's about all the interesting stuff you know about, that you may not even realize is interesting. I don't know about you, but I'm very interested in How Stuff Works, and I think this sort of thing is freaking fascinating.

So listen, I'm littlewashu, and I'll be your moderator for the evening. I'm a real stickler for Following Rules, and this time I'M making the rules, so, you know. Be cool. I plan on creating rules on a whim and ruling this community with an iron fist. An iron fist, I say!

Ha, no, but I kid, mostly. So come, tell us about your job! We'll listen!

A few suggestions:
  • You may want to think twice about being specific about where you actually work. It may not matter, but if it's not pertinent to the story, it's probably a good idea to leave it out; you wouldn't want to get yourself in trouble somehow, somewhere down the line. Use your own judgement, of course, but I thought I'd bring it up. And if someone doesn't say what company they work for, there's no need to ask them. They'd tell you if they thought you needed to know.
  • Hey man, don't be afraid to talk about YOU and how YOU relate to your job, and how YOU do it. Just telling us how stuff works isn't as interesting as hearing about the human element. Or some shit.